We have worked hard to make sure the price is competitive with tons of features and services for our MAX plan. I personally believe this is a great price for everything that is included in the plain. It might seem quite expensive at first, but if you think about what you personally get in the MAX plan, including web hosting (with emails), unlimited changes you want, discounts on top of the final price, plus new software added to your website (like pop up), unlimited brand-new website changes and a brand-new theme all together.

We strive to quickly supply leading-edge products to stay competitive in tomorrow’s world. Our vision is to continue to seamlessly operationalise e-commerce materials as well as continue to authoritatively create cutting-edge products to solve business problems. We will work to continually leverage existing timely solutions so that we may endeavour to enthusiastically operationalise value-added deliverables to meet our customer’s needs.



Our MAX Plan clients will be added to our platinum package. You can find out more information regarding our platinum plan by clicking here.


Always Here

No matter how big or small your problem is we will do everything we can to solve your issues, questions, new projects, website design, anything at all regarding your MAX Plan


Unlimited Changes

When we say its unlimited we mean it, everything is truly unlimited! As mentioned above, any changes at all you would like to make we will do it. A huge part of our MAX Plan, is to save our clients money in the long run. For an example if you would like to make a new page, or add a banner to your website, or even changes parts of the bespoke software we have made for you, this is all included in your MAX Plan. (2)


Website Design

If you have a website already or not, we will build a brand new website from scratch using the best technologies we currently have in our offices. You are more than welcome to make as many changes as you wish, as this is all included in your MAX Plan. (1)


Fixed Pricing

We promise and guarantee that everything is fully unlimited for annual and pay monthly plans!


Bespoke Software

If you need a brand-new software like an invoice software, a client portal or even a HR software. We will make this for you. This is all included in our MAX Plan. (1)


SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

We will work with you to ensure your business/personal blogs get on search engines across the world. This help your business/personal blogs get website traffic, higher search results and much more. (4)



Being a MAX Plan client, you will get free domains ending in .com , .co.uk , .uk , .org.uk The Halls Group will also pay for the renewals each year if the client stays on the MAX Plan. If the client buys any other domain they will receive a 30% discount on other domains. (1)



We will ensure your website/bespoke software is always up to date and running smoothly.



We will manage your services to ensure it gets the updates, unlimited changes, add new blog posts, pages and so much more. This ensures your services get the correct attention give you the peace of mind and concentrating on your business.


Daily Backups

We fully understand accidents do happen. That is why we provide daily backups to ensure your data is safe and backed up in case something does go wrong.



If you need a promo video of your company, or video edits. We can do this for you using the best technology available. What the best part is this is all included in our Max Plan! (1)



If you need a promo image/s of your company, or image edits. We can do this for you using the best technology available. Including watermarking, colour changes and much more. What the best part is this is all included in our Max Plan! (1)



Our expert team of experienced designers will create your logo from scratch, we do not use any cheap templates or clip art in any of our design work every logo we make is always unique to that company/person. (1)


MAX Loyalty Rewards

As standard, all our renewing clients will get huge discounts every time they renew their services. Being on our Max Plan, you will get 5% discount for year 1, year 2 10% discount and so on. Click here to find out more!


New Services

If we bring out a new service or plan, we will automatically put all our Max clients on to it. Meaning if we bring out a new service called “Halls Print” You will get all the benefits of Halls Print in our Max plan.



As being a MAX client you will get the full benefits of our WebCare Plan! This plan includes Website Maintenance, Daily Backups, SEO, Priority Response and much more! Click here to find out more about WebCare


Always Secure

We are always making sure we have the best technology and colleagues to make sure our services are always secure against any threats or praying eyes.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can massively boost your social media pages and increase your website traffic. We can help you to make sure your social media pages, are reaching its full potential which means you will get more customers.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is essential to keep in touch with and retain existing clients simultaneously as intrigue new clients and increase revenue and reputation to your business. Email marketing can be used for offers, sales, newsletters and more.


Dedicated Account Manager

Customer services is immensely important to us, we care great deal of every single client’s needs. While operating a full 24/7 support ticket service for all clients. All MAX Plan client will get a dedicated account manager as standard.


Google AdWords

Using Google AdWords opens the doors to new possibilities in huge volumes, we will help you manage your AdWords account to make sure everything is constant. To make sure you are getting new customers and at the top of the search engine. (3)


Tons More

We do provide so much more than our main features (above) for our MAX plan. If you can’t see what you’re looking for give our Top Notch support team a message to see if we can help you. Click here to contact us


We Love Helping (Honestly!)

Got any questions? No problem, just get in touch with us by clicking here, we are happy to help!

Are You Ready To Join The Revolution???

Pay Annually

£235.00 Annually

Our annual plan works out to be cheaper and it gives our clients the peace of mind that it’s paid for the year.

Pay Monthly

Option 1
£50.00 Deposit


£17.50 Per Month For 11 Months

Pay Monthly

Option 2
£100.00 Deposit


£13.20 Per Month For 11 Months


Legal Information
(1) – The Halls Group will only buy and renewal domains ending in .com , .co.uk , .uk , .org.uk and will be free to the client. Any other domain/s ending is excluded from the MAX plan. If the client buys more domains the customer will get 30% off each domain. Please read our legal agreements by clicking here for more information.
(2) – Time Limits could be in place to allow our developers to build other customer’s software. Please make sure you read our terms regarding our time limits. click here to read them.
(3) – The Halls Group will only mange the account to make sure the adverts are reaching the full potential. The client agrees that The Halls Group will not be liable to pay any invoices on Google AdWords or add credits to the clients account. The client is fully responsible for their Google AdWords account.
(4) – The client must provide full information, keywords etc  for each page. We will work with the client and using free SEO tools available to get the best possible search engine results for your website. Sometimes the client might need more in-depth/complex search listing/results. This isn’t something The Halls Group we will  will do and has to bone by a 3rd party. If the client has any questions about what we van do please get in touch  
When signing up to our MAX Plan, you agree that you have read and fully accept all our Legal Agreements
To read all of our legal agreements, please click here to view them in full.

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