Our Range Of Services

We're committed in providing the best customer experience and designing bespoke projects.

Website Design

Our prime service is making very creative websites that is easy to use but in the 21st century. Every single website is always unique to the customers needs.

Bespoke Services

Do you have a software or service in mind you need us to find or make? We can make anything or try our best to find you the correct software or service.


WebCare is a our service where we will look after your website for a year. There is so much we can do for your website/s. From Maintenance to Search Engine Optimisation.

Logo Design

We can design a professional logo from a rough sketch to a detailed CAD file. We listen to our clients from the beginning to make sure the logo we design fits your business.


Our sister company "Halls Hosting" offers a wide range of products to suit everyone's needs. Always customer focussed with perfect customer support. Always offering affordable plans.

MAX Plan

Get fully unlimited web development services from Lords Design. This includes Website Design, Logo Design, Bespoke Services, Media Creation, Web Hosting and so much more!

Got Questions?

If you have any questions, no matter how big or small we are happy to help. We are committed to providing the best customer support possible. First and foremost, we always listen.
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